Mathematics is more about understanding than it is about equations, algorithms, numbers, and computations. Math is a tricky subject that many students love or hate. Most students struggle with math because it is challenging and can seem like an entirely different language. It is not uncommon to hear schoolkids complain that math can be too tough to learn. Here are the reasons why this subject is not easily digested by many, and how to overcome learning difficulties to become an arithmetic pro.

Common Struggles with Math

Students in their math class may be coping with a learning difficulty called Dyscalculia, which causes them to struggle with shapes, number-related concepts, and formulas. Processing and understanding simultaneous equations or trigonometry is more complicated for some than others. These students can fall behind their peers without one-on-one tutoring sessions outside regular school schedules.

Fear and Anxiety

Someone may also be grappling with math anxiety instead of a dislike for the subject. Many people succumb to debilitating feelings of failure and fear when trying to solve mathematical problems, which significantly affects their ability to score excellent grades. The subject can evoke pressure and lack of confidence, and students face a “brain freeze,” especially when tackling calculus or algebra.

Cannot Personally Relate

Math can be the most abstract subject for students because they cannot relate to Pythagoras’ Theorem in real life. As the subject becomes more challenging, everyone needs to practice longer and work harder to comprehend many concepts. There is also no room for error because students can either understand what they are doing or grow frustrated and stressed.

Building on Core Knowledge

Math is cumulative because everything builds on what a student has learned before. Therefore, everyone needs to learn the basics before they can move up to solve complex problems. If students fall behind in one area, they may struggle to advance without mastering the core knowledge.

Memorization Becomes Overwhelming

For a lot of students, math becomes more about memorizing instead of understanding. A child may recite and commit to memory formulas and concepts without knowing why they are used. This hinders progress and causes more difficulties for students as they tackle more challenging problems and equations. Math may be dull, but it requires critical problem-solving skills that students should be excited about to get top grades.

Why Tutoring Helps?

Mathematics is not a subject that most students understand overnight. Many students do not enjoy math and need personal attention to help them sit down and practice. Otherwise, they have difficulty keeping up with new concepts if they cannot successfully grasp the old ones. If your child is intimidated by learning math, our tutors are highly skilled inmotivating ongoing practice while teaching sufficient skills for every level. Learning this subject does not have to be problematic or terrifying because we add enjoyment to inspire passion and understanding. This way, math will no longer have a reputation of being “boring,” and a student who has fun studying and solving equations will strive for more than the bare minimum to succeed.

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